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20 Popular Jigsaw Puzzles for Everyone.

Fridrik March 25, 2020

1. John Wayne America's Cowboy Jigsaw Puzzle

This MasterPieces John Wayne 1,000pc Puzzle features a montage of John Wayne in the various films he starred in throughout his career. Marion Morrison’s first important starring role, and the name of John Wayne, was given to him by director Raoul Walsh in 1929. America’s favorite cowboy filmed his last movie “The Shootist” in 1976. He starred in 171 movies over a span of 50 years.
Contains 1000 pieces
13 years and up

2. The Cats of Charles Wysocki

The folksy charm of Charles Wysocki’s artwork shines through in this 750-piece jigsaw puzzle series. Cat lovers and non-cat lovers alike will enjoy putting together these incredibly detailed puzzles that showcase cats doing what they do best – Hanging out. Every Buffalo Games jigsaw puzzle is manufactured in the USA from recycled puzzle board. We use a precision cutting technique that guarantees every piece will fit perfectly with our signature perfect Snap.

Contains 750 pieces
14 years and up

3. Star Wars The Mandalorian Buffalo Games

“The child” is a one-piece Star Wars jigsaw puzzle featuring artwork from the Disney+ series, the Mandalorian. In this puzzle, the Mandalorian is carrying a child of unknown species back to his ship after fighting off an ambush of rival bounty hunters. A precision cutting technique s that every piece will fit soundly with the company’s signature perfect Snap. A bonus puzzle poster is also included so that you have a handy reference of what the completed puzzle should look like while you put yours together.

Contains 500 pieces
13 years and up

4. Fire Truck Kids Jigsaw Puzzles

The 24-piece kids puzzles is a great floor puzzle allows children to be successful on assembling without too much trouble, and gives them the confidence to try more advanced puzzles when ready. Challenging but not too hard. This is an educational learning puzzles great for kids ages 4-8, toddlers or preschoolers since the colorful illustrations and cute designs attract kids interesting and attention easily, keeping them concentrated for hours of leisure time. Learning while having fun.

Contains 24 pieces
4-8 years

Puzzle Board Portable Foldable

Jaques Jigsaw Puzzle Board has a Durable outer case with Super strong 3-part Fastening System to keep your Jigsaw Safe when not in use. This Jigsaw Board fastenings are designed to keep loose pieces in the Jigsaw Mat even when standing upright. Making it the Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Storage Solution.

5. Sunrise over Iceland

This challenging jigsaw will test your puzzling skills, Thanks to the limited colour palette and the vast Icelandic landscape! Don’t worry – there’s plenty of detail within the rocks and greenery to keep you interested along the way. The rising sun delivers warm yellow and oranges tones which contrast perfectly with the browns and greens of the hillside. A good pastime or gift for puzzle fanatics! Part of Ravensburger Nature edition series. High quality 1000 piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle.

Contains 1000 pieces

12 years and up

6. After the Rain Jigsaw Puzzle

The afternoon rain has moved on and the evening draws in. Soon the shops will close and the restaurants and bars will be bustling with early evening dinners. Gibsons jigsaw puzzles are made from 100% recycled, high quality puzzle board.

Contains 1000 pieces

8 years and up

7. The Farmers Market

This high quality 2,000 piece Educa Borras jigsaw is a fun challenge for any puzzle lover. The beautiful and colourful image of a Farmer’s Market bursting full of fruit, veg and tasty goods provides hours of puzzling fun for any puzzlers.

Contains 2000 pieces

12 years and up

8. Wooden Puzzles Kids Baby Puzzles 4 Pack

Jigsaw puzzles for children age 3 help children develop eye and hand coordination, fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, curiosity and discovery skills.
Warm Family Time:Enjoy warm family time while everybody interacting together, playing children’s wood puzzles. To build a colorful childhood for your kiddos.
Kids Love Puzzles:Playing jigsaw puzzles can keep kids busy and get them off electronics. It keeps their attention and they have to think about what they’re piecing together. Good for their hand-eye coordination, constructive thinking and fine motor skills.

4 x 60 Piece

36 months – 8 years

9. Colorful HUADADA Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults.

The Planets 1000 Piece Puzzle A beautifully rendered image with scientific charts of our solar system’s planets, with full data on spin, distance from the sun, gravity and much more. This superior quality puzzle will delight and educate all at the same time. Strong high-quality pieces that won’t break. Easy fit puzzle pieces. Made from recycled board.

Contains 1000 pieces

10 years and ups.

10. Dragon Princess & Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle

Einhorn Educa Borras Dragon Princess & Unicorn 1500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

A high quality 1, 500 piece EDUCA Borras jigsaw perfect for puzzle lovers. The puzzle features a beautiful fantasy image of a princess, Dragon and unicorn in a mystical Woodland.

Contains 1500 pieces

12 years and up

Becko Puzzle Roll Jigsaw Environmental Friendly

Becko puzzle mat is an indispensable equipment for puzzle lovers. Adopting high quality felt, Becko puzzle mat offers a better way for doing puzzle games, storing and transporting puzzles. It comes with a black felt mat, an inflatable tube, two elastic bands and a drawstring bag.Becko puzzle mat is easy to operate and well-pretect your puzzle pieces, no worrying of falling apart and getting wrinkled.An exquisite long box makes it an excellent choice as a gift!.

11. World Cup England v West Germany

World Cup – Final – England v West Germany – Wembley – 1966.

Bobby Moore, England captain is chaired by other team members as he holds aloft the World Cup Trophy after beating West Germany in the final 4-2 at Wembley in LondonJigsaw Puzzle (400 Pieces). Photo Puzzles are an ideal gift for any occasion. 400 piece puzzles are made in the UK and hand-finished on 100 recycled 1.5 mm millboard.

Contains 400 pieces

8 years and up

12. Justice League of America Puzzle

Justice League of America 1000 Pc Jigsaw Puzzle. This vibrantly colored 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring the Justice League of America measures 20 x 27 when completed and will surely be a challenge to the most skilled puzzlers.

Contains 1000 pieces

10 years and up

13. Antique World Map Puzzle

Educa Borras 15159 “Antique World Map Puzzle 1000 Piece. Perfect for all puzzle enthusiasts

Contains 1000 pieces

12 years and up

14. Disney Star Peter Pan and Friends

The painter of light, Thomas kinkade captures the timeless magic of this classic Disney story. This 1, 000 piece jigsaw tells the entire story of Disney’s Peter Pan in one image. Great variety of forms thanks to individually shaped pieces.

Contains 1000 pieces

12 years and up

15. London Westminster Sunset

This wonderfully atmospheric jigsaw puzzle of Westminster Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower (home to Big Ben), evokes a warm, nostalgic feeling. The early evening sky is alive with sunset tones and colours, echoed in the glow from the street lamps, bus and taxi headlights and distant office windows. This is London at its most sentimental and romantic!

Contains 1000 pieces

12 years and up

16. Garden Birds Beautiful Jigsaw Puzzle

This colourful scene depicts some of the many beautiful birds to be spotted in American gardens. The depicted birds include the Northern Cardinal, Goldfinch, Bluebird, Black Capped Chickadee and the Blue Jay, all perched on or around beautiful pink and white blooms. A wonderfully vibrant scene that will surely brighten your day!

Contains 500 pieces

12 years and up

17. The Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship High-Quality 1500-piece Puzzle, with dimensions 59.2 x 84.3 cm. Suggestive images, quality printing, precise cut-outs, sturdy and precious materials. The Clementoni Collection is all this and more: an elegant puzzle line, created for those with a passion for detail. Forever attentive to ecological issues, Clementoni uses a high rate of recycled materials, thus avoiding the use of polluting components.

Contains 1500 pieces

14 years and up

18. The Last Supper

Leonardo’s greatest work to reach completion was the Last Supper. Leonardo’s Last Supper in the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, was commissioned by his patrons Duke Ludovico Sforza and Beatrice d’Este. Clementoni uses a high rate of recycled materials. thus avoiding the use of polluting components. Made in Italy.

Contains 1000 pieces

14 years and up

19. Marvel Avengers 3D Glasses Puzzle Children’s Jigsaw

The 3D VISION puzzle comes with fantastic transparent glasses for truly emotional three-dimensional viewing. Puzzles are designed especially for children, representing their most loved characters. Captivating images with bright and shiny colours help develop children’s observation, logic and manual skills. The quality of materials and the use of an exclusive printing technique makes for beautiful, lively and bright images, in a game that never ends!

Contains 104 pieces

6 years and up

20. Renato Casaro Shooting Break Jigsaw

From renowned jigsaw maker Schmidt, this image is by movie painter Renato Casaro. One of six images in the 1000 piece range featuring famous faces from Hollywood past and present. Stunning detail with lots of color and depth.

Contains 1000 pieces

6 years and up

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